Bluebird Services

Located in Surry County of North Carolina, Bluebird Services is a local cleaning business that doesn't treat you like another customer but, family. To have your home cleaned, some landscaping, or one of their many other services simply head to or click on the Bluebird Services logo.

FIGHT with Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross is an Army Veteran author who has a mission, to let all Veterans know they are NOT ALONE. Starting in 2017 with the first of the "FIGHT" series, she hopes to shed light on life after Military Service as well as help those to better understand their Veteran spouse, family member, and friends in order to overcome social stigmas and possibly make some changes at higher levels. Read the FIGHT series and find out more about Betsy Ross at or click on the FIGHT logo.

DV Radio

DV Radio is an online Veteran radio station/podcast made for and by Vets. They tackle everything ranging from military experiences, every day trials and tribulations to what's going on presently with the military as well as issues Veterans and Veteran Families face on a daily basis. Their dark sense of humor along with their uncensored takes and conversations have made them the dysfunctional children of life after service, but they make sure everybody knows they have their Six. From combatting the 22 A Day in Veteran suicide to working with Change Uncahined in human trafficking, these Veterans do much more than speak their minds. To have some fun, find resources, or just to hear a few Veterans being Veterans, head to or click on the DV Radio logo.

DV Farm

DV Farm, "farm" only in name, is located in Gilsum, New Hampshire and is a long-term rehab facility for homeless & addicted Veterans. Established in 2015 by Mike Rivers as a 501(c)3, DV Farm takes in Veterans that have slipped through the cracks, what Veterans Affairs would call "failures" when it comes to their programs. To find out more on how the DV Farm works and to donate to help their mission, please head to or click on the DV Farm logo.

Dysfunctional Veterans

Created as a tongue-in-cheek in 2010, Dysfunctional Veterans is the main company with DV Radio and DV Farm as sister companies. Everything from a dark sense of humor, sending a crate of candy dicks to Facebook, and reaching nearly 200 million users per month until Facebook shut them down permanently, "DV" helped many (and continues to do so with DV Radio and DV Farm) who thought they were alone. Head to or click on the Dysfunctional Veterans logo.