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Your content is Public Domain, right?

Just because content is published on the internet, anywhere, it does NOT qualify it as "Public Domain". All of the works you find here are the property of Munkee Bawlz Media unless otherwise noted. [You can find out more about what "Public Domain" means at]

Can I use your content for my creation(s)?

In short, no. Although we value creators & artists having access to using any content they find on the internet, that does NOT make it PUBLIC DOMAIN!

**There will be content, with which we make available, that anybody can use so long as they give easily accessible and viewable credit back to Munkee Bawlz Media. All other content is not to be used without express permission from Munkee Bawlz Media. What does this mean? You MUST contact us (we have a contact form, social media, and our email address is in the footer... you have NO EXCUSES) and give us as much detail as to why you'd like to use a piece of our created content. Where will it be, are you a company or individual, do you make an income with your creations, all of the stuff that you question when you grab someone's content to use in your content, those are the questions we need answered. And, if you leave something out, we'll ask you.**

Will I need to pay for using your content?

Depends. In most cases, yes. This is something we do in conjunction with the hundreds of other things we have going on in our lives so we're more than likely going to ask for some sort of compensation in return.

Can I commission you for an original video, image, music, bumper, sweeper, etc.?

YES! Munkee Bawlz Media is, after-all, a MEDIA COMPANY! We love creating sounds, audio (there's a difference!), music, videos, images you name it! There's only a couple of us and we have our own things going on in life so you more than likely will NOT get a 24-hour turnaround unless you're willing to pay for it. (PLEASE give us ample enough time to create something from scratch for you.) With that in mind, contact us and we'll work with you!!

How much do you charge?

This is a case-by-case basis as we know the state of the World and we've been there before. You probably won't be getting anything for free, but it'll be close!

Are you REALLY Veterans?

Well, we have DD-214s that say we served, went overseas and finished our tenures so we'll let you be the judge of that.

Can I invest into Munkee Bawlz Media?

We're not sure why you'd want to invest in us, but this a question best asked by contacting us.

I'm looking to sponsor and/or partner with a company, Veteran Owned & Ran is something I'm interested in. Do you take sponsorships/partnerships?

We're honestly flattered that you'd want to snuggle against our Munkee Bawlz. Just contact us and we may be able to work something out!

I have a question that you didn't answer here!

Then you can contact us and ask it... We'll answer, but we can't promise it'll be within the next two seconds.